Fantasy Sports: What Is That?

Fantasy Sports

Millions of people around the world play fantasy sports, but the very idea of them is somewhat foreign to certain people. All of the fun, competition, and sometimes even money are a mystery to a lot of people. Understanding them is a great way to start to feel more like a part of the crowd.

The Humble Beginnings

Despite all of the hype and money that surround the industry today, fantasy sports had a very humble beginning. It was designed to just be a game played among friends says CNN Money. The original idea was simply to have a fun little game and competition only for bragging rights.

At the beginning of a sporting season, friends would get together and hold what is known as a draft. Think of this as picking players the same way that many did back in their grade school days. Every person gets a turn at picking. The first few picks are usually of the very best performing players in the league, while the remaining rounds have everything to do with filling out the remainder of the roster. Once all rounds are complete and the draft has concluded, the game is set to begin.

How The Scoring Works

How The Scoring Works

The purpose of playing fantasy sports is to determine winners and losers. The only way to do this is to have a scoring system of some sort. The sports themselves obviously have very set in stone ways of counting points, but how does fantasy sports do it? A lot of people are highly confused by the way in which fantasy sports are supposed to work.

The scoring systems for the various sports can be quite intricate. ESPN details the many ways in which a league may decide to score the games that they have running at any given time.

Each league is free to set scoring rules however they would like to have them set. That being said, most adopt standard means of scoring. If you take football as an example, most leagues will award six points to any player on the fantasy roster that scores a touchdown. A quarterback who throws a touchdown may receive four points for their contribution to this effort in this example. The point is, most leagues conform to certain standards that are tried and true, but always check to make sure this is the case before playing in a league.

Overall Rankings

Each league has their own system of setting up how each player is ranked. Basically, the league manager determines beforehand how the league will rank participants based on performance. Most leagues set it up so that each player faces off against another player head-to-head each week. The player that gets the most points that week wins the week. The players with the best win-lose records are then matched up the last few weeks of the season to determine the overall winner.

There are other leagues that track the total points scored by various participants as a means of keeping tabs on who has the best performing team overall for the entire season. That can also be a fun way of doing things if everyone in the league is on board with that idea. All in all, this is yet another thing to look at before deciding on a league to compete in.

Rise Of Daily Fantasy Sports

The Rise Of Daily Fantasy Sports

Playing fantasy sports among friends and family is fun and competitive, but that is no longer were the real money is. An industry now exists which generates the bulk of revenues in the whole fantasy sports arena. The industry is known as daily fantasy sports.

The basic idea behind this latest incarnation of fantasy sports is that players are not all that eager to play games that last for entire sports seasons. There is just not enough instant gratification and bragging rights in that. Instead, some prefer to play on a daily basis.

Daily fantasy sports rely on using something known as a salary. The purpose behind this cap is to allow everyone to select the roster of players they want to draft without having to hold a massive draft for all of the participants. Everyone has the same limitations, and they must use their skills at picking out great players to help them win the day.

There is real money on the line with this type of fantasy sports. All participants need to be aware of this fact. They should always join in only with money that they can potentially afford to lose. With this in mind, daily fantasy sports can be a great place to get even more competitive and actually potentially make some money along the way as well. It is just the latest twist in every growing story of fantasy sports.