Fantasy Sports Starter Pack: 7 Products for Fantasy Success

7 Products for Fantasy Success

The NFL fantasy football season is quickly approaching. Being followed by NHL and NBA, this time represents a key period in compiling research, analyzing statistics, and going through other data sets. This information requires a lot of time and energy to obtain. Most people just don’t have the sit-down time needed to gain these insights, which brings us to the topic of discussion.

Below are 7 different ways in which you can prepare to take on your weekly league or dominate larger tournaments. Each item can benefit the individual with a limited window of time, those looking for an edge on the competition, or those seeking help in areas they may be lost.

Timely Information Acquisitions

Timely Information Acquisitions

The first key towards the path of success is varying your scope of information. There are many different fantasy sports websites that publish information ranging from field conditions to historical match-up statistics. Most offer a pay-per- month option, with some carrying high costs.

Rotoworld is an informational hub that brings you key data without charging. Their free information is kept up-to- date, notifying you of breaking news and other such information in real time. They also offer a paid option, which gives the user access to deeper analytical information. The free tool with suffice if you are looking for key updates, but if you seek additional statistics, their user accounts can be had for a low monthly fee. This is a great starting point for those looking for relevant information. On top of published articles, they feature a Twitter account and a forum for discussion.

Most of the members associated with this site have hosted fantasy success in the past, making for perfect learning opportunities.

Information in Print

A second tool that is often underutilized is printed magazines. Each year companies like Sporting News, ESPN, and Pro Sports Digest release magazine prints of a fantasy sport. These copies highlight key acquisitions for the team, diving into impact areas where that player works to the team’s benefit. They also pick apart the rosters by team, providing grades for each team. If that doesn’t break it down enough, these prints also give predictions for the post-season or within division play. Many people are often weary of these advice columns, due to these magazines being released well before the season begins. Do not shy away from the early production, as this is often the most-up- to-date reviews provided, on these terms, throughout the season. It is the second source of information that can be studied and taken from, leaving you with a head start on the competition.

No Time to Read? No Problem

We often find ourselves in constant motion throughout the day. Constantly moving and going from one place to the next. The perfect fit for users in this situation is fantasy sports podcasts. All sorts of free networks are offered to the avid listener via the Player FM website. It lists dozens of different radio shows that are streaming throughout the day. You can try previously recorded shows if you miss your early morning updates, keeping you well informed on AM information. These shows can also be streamed live from your mobile device, giving you plenty of listening options for your daily commute. This is a source that can be at your side wherever you go, making it a great fit for any fantasy sports fanatic.

Boosting Brain Power

Beyond the Information: Boosting Brain Power

An edge is something that cannot be created out of thin air. It is something that is worked for or gained through countless research sessions and differing approaches towards the fantasy world. One solution has been developed to increase your knowledge base and open your thinking without the constant effort.

Nootropics are supplements that can be used to increase cognitive capabilities, open up the brain for better acquisition of information, and boost your focus. These supplements are often targeted and marketed towards individuals that have trouble staying focused or are not sponging up presented information.

The top three Nootropics you should focus on include: Adrafinil, Phenylpiracetam, and Citicoline. Each of these individual supplements helps to benefit the fantasy sports player, working directly with focus, staying on task, and fueling brain cells. If you find yourself straying from the path of information or becoming easily distracted, supplement your diet with these additional tools.


In today’s mobile world, there is little time we spend disconnected from Wi-Fi networks or the internet. The mobile device represents a great tool to pull information from. Several fantasy sports websites offer mobile applications for obtaining their library of data and statistics. These applications are offered free of charge in both the Google Play store and iTunes store.

Each provider may differ on the cost they charge for membership to their information, which is something that needs to be researched before download. The user can often set alerts and notifications to be sent to them on a sport-by- sport basis. These notifications, in some instances, can be dumbed down to feature only relevant information to your current fantasy sports roster for a certain sport. These updates occur in real time, allowing you to make quick changes or switch up your approach. This is a no-brainer for fantasy fans as we rarely find ourselves without a mobile device on-hand.

Browsing the Internet

One area where you stand to benefit is from browsing the internet. To dumb this down even further, browsing discussion forums is your best bet. This will showcase different angles of approaches being discussed by individuals who are active in fantasy sports. If someone has the time to post on a forum throughout the day, they have obtained the patience and correct mind set needed for playing fantasy sports. Compare viewpoints, add your own two cents, or seek advice.

These tools are often available free of charge and they often help you go against the grain of the competition. Finding players or teams that aren’t being thrown around much in discussions can help you find the golden nuggets you need to take down a fantasy contest or tournament.

Trusting your Gut

Trusting your Gut

Your instinct represents your greatest tool in fantasy sports. Going against your established values and ideals will only create a whirlwind of trouble. Stick with your gut. The research you put in is practiced and polished. Going against your decisions or tossing through options as the day unfurls can only cloud your judgement and decision-making skills. If you are someone that trends towards a change of mind, create two different line-ups. If you re to submit a line-up and weather or player injuries do not pop-up, always use this as your first option. Creating a second option will only increase the need to stick to your gut choices. Try this process out. Submit two different line-ups.

One with your gut decisions and one with off-the- wall selections. 9 times out of 10 your gut will prevail. This is why the gut selection is one of the top tools at your disposal in fantasy sports.