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Our mission is to report on the exciting and ever changing fantasy sports industry. From government regulations to new companies emerging and established ones possibly folding.

We don’t stop there, however, we publish articles on much more exciting topics, such as success stories, and the tips and tricks people have found helpful in their success in fantasy sports.

Who We Are

We’re just a few friends who grew up going to baseball and football games together, we were also fortunate enough to catch a few super bowls over the years. Now we’re grown ups and long for the fun we had growing up. Luckily we naturally transitioned into the fantasy sports industry, where we’re having more fun than we ever imagined.

Why We Created Fantasy Sports Daily

We created this blog to keep track of our efforts, to report and share on new happenings, and mostly because it keeps us all connected and gives us a reason to continue working hard while staying organized. A few of us really like writing, and a few other REALLY do not. So we have a good balance of the few who like reporting and blogging, and the others who can share their opinions and views through us.

What to Expect on Here

What you can expect on our site is articles on sports such as baseball, soccer, hockey, football, basketball, etc. We aim to stay on top of trades, transfers, rumors, and anything that can impact your fantasy sports account. We’ll also include articles for beginners such as intro to fantasy sports guides and such.

Thanks for stopping by!