Fantasy Sports Starter Pack: 7 Products for Fantasy Success

7 Products for Fantasy Success

The NFL fantasy football season is quickly approaching. Being followed by NHL and NBA, this time represents a key period in compiling research, analyzing statistics, and going through other data sets. This information requires a lot of time and energy to obtain. Most people just don't have the sit-down time needed to gain these insights, which brings us to the topic of discussion. Below are 7 different ways in which you can prepare to take on your weekly league or dominate larger tournaments. Each item can benefit the individual with a limited window of time, those looking for an edge on the competition, or those seeking help in areas they may be lost. Timely Information Acquisitions The first key towards the path of

Guide to Draft Day: How to Prepare for and Have a Successful Fantasy Draft Day

How to Prepare for and Have a Successful Fantasy Draft Day

Watch Preseason Games Fantasy sports are all about analyzing and predicting the performance of players, and the best way to do this is by actually watching everyone play on the field. You may think preseason games are meaningless, but they can provide some good insight into the upcoming season. Players are constantly working on their game in the off-season, and the first time they can show off this dedication is in the preseason. There will be a lot of signs during the preseason if a young player is about to blossom into a superstar. The only way you will be able to learn about this transformation is by watching the games. Since most starters do not play a lot in the preseason,

Top 10 Most Successful Fantasy Sports Players

Top 10 Most Successful Fantasy Sports Players

Making a living off of betting on sporting events is not an easy task. Constantly refreshing the over/under odds, browsing through injury reports, and becoming a meteorologist is something that these fantasy sharks do for fun. The term shark is bestowed upon these individuals who rise above the rest. They put the hard work, research, and skill into the game and take out the little fish. If you had your pick of the two, you are going to take the shark 10 times out of 10. Success for these individuals does not come easy and their strategies and insights cannot be bought. Below are 10 of the most successful fantasy sports players currently lurking in the daily fantasy pool. We'll background

These are the States Where Daily Fantasy Sports betting is Allowed

These are the States Where Daily Fantasy Sports betting is Allowed

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a form of paid contest that allow players to compete by building a team of professional players from the chosen leagues. The player earns points based on the performance in the real competitions. According to an excerpt on Wikipedia, the DFS industry is dominated by two companies, the Boston based DraftKings and New York based FanDuel. These companies control up to 95% of the $2 billion plus Daily Fantasy Sports market. These services were established using venture capital supported start-ups from various stakeholders. The stakeholders include club owners, leagues, sports broadcasting companies and investment firms. The legality or illegality of the DFS in the US is determined by the states and the existing gambling laws. Cash

Are Casinos Trying to Take Over Fantasy Sports Betting?

Are Casinos Trying to Take Over Fantasy Sports Betting

For decades, land-based casinos have ruled the gaming world in the US. Legislation has been used to keep online gaming operations from infringing (legally) upon the hold casinos have enjoyed on the gambling market since the 1950s. For the most part, casinos across the country have had smooth sailing, essentially sharing gaming revenues only with the horse race industry and lotteries. The Introduction of Legalized Fantasy Sports It was only within the last few years that a new threat has appeared on the horizon. With the introduction of daily fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel, the American sports gambler now has a new place to go to wager on sports. Whereas sports gambling requires the player to wager on one team

Is Daily Fantasy Sports A Form Of Gambling? Or is it Skill?

Is Daily Fantasy Sports A Form Of Gambling

Daily fantasy sports players number in the millions. In fact, some estimates have the total number of players at 20 million. Fantasy sports has evolved over the year from players calculating numbers on paper with their buddies. Daily fantasy sports have become a sensation where knowledgeable sports fans can test their skills every single day against other like-minded players from around the globe. The information regarding individual sports has also grown infinitely. FanDuel is often credited with the origination of daily fantasy sports. The business operations launched there in 2009. Perhaps nobody ever realized how quickly the industry would grow. Are daily fantasy sports characterized as a skill or as gambling? Information is readily available but that doesn't mean every player utilizes

The Current State of the Fantasy Sports Industry

The Current State of the Fantasy Sports Industry

If you're one of the more than 59 million people in the United States and Canada who play fantasy sports each year, the idea of fantasy sports needs no introduction. To briefly summarize for those unfamiliar with the concept, fantasy sports are competitions where people select combinations of players from real-life professional teams and win or lose based on the individual performances of those players. Fantasy sports have exploded in popularity over the past couple decades. In 1997, an estimated 1 to 3 million people played fantasy sports. In 2007, that number was over 19 million, and it's tripled between then and now. Fantasy sports have never been more popular, and their popularity and ubiquity in American and Canadian entertainment continue

Fantasy Sports: What Is That?

Fantasy Sports

Millions of people around the world play fantasy sports, but the very idea of them is somewhat foreign to certain people. All of the fun, competition, and sometimes even money are a mystery to a lot of people. Understanding them is a great way to start to feel more like a part of the crowd. The Humble Beginnings Despite all of the hype and money that surround the industry today, fantasy sports had a very humble beginning. It was designed to just be a game played among friends says CNN Money. The original idea was simply to have a fun little game and competition only for bragging rights. At the beginning of a sporting season, friends would get together and hold what is